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    Vecuma pazīme, parlodēsi un atkal atdzīvosies. Ari ir čupiņa ar visādiem MT produktiem, kam parlodeti kondi un viss stradā pēc tam. Un ieteiktu meklēt tos slēgtos kondus, dārgāki, bet labāki, varbut vari no kādas datorkoponentes vecas noņemt un ies otru mūžu. Derēs arī 1000uF un ar lielāku spriegumu.
    There is the big issue between the keyboard and the chair, which alone may be the limit of the overclocking.

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    Kondiķi pārlodēti, rūteris atkal darbojas kā nekas nebūtu noticis...
    Keep your own way

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    Rooting the MikroTik: Can my router play Für Elise and be part of a botnet? @ SHA2017

    Have you ever wondered how the cheap, seemingly nameless devices in our homes often end up becoming part of worldwide nefarious botnets? In his talk on the MikroTik, security researcher Kirils Solovjovs discusses getting at the Linux operating system running behind layers of obfuscation. Sometimes for hilarious purposes, like making your router play songs, but often for more nefarious purposes, this talk covers the interesting intersection of poorly implemented, cheap, and increasingly ubiquitous network hardware.
    Kirils atkal uzdarbojas..

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