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Thread: AMD GPU der tiem kas strādā ar photoshop?

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    Default AMD GPU der tiem kas strādā ar photoshop?

    Meklēju lapsi photoshop cilvēkam - kaut kādi labi lapši ar amd video kartēm paspīd pa vidu. Bet photoshops ar amd neko labāk izdarīt nevar ne? Tikai Nvidia?
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    Te lasu - izskatās - supportē amd arī. Jāskatās performances testi.

    un te kaut ko atrodu
    All of Adobes programs support OpenCL, so the AMD cards will perform really well under those programs, The only advantage you get from Nvidia is Cuda (OpenCL is more openly supported) and the 960 isnt the best at that, where the 280x has alot better compute and will be better with OpenCL, I would suggest a 380 4gb for a better experience and it will be great for gaming also
    I used to run from a 270x > 290 > 390 to Fury X the more compute cores (Stream processors) the better, and the 380 will be more than enough for your needs!
    When it comes to photoshop programs etc, they're really easy to run regardless so you will be happy with either NVIDIA or AMD.. video editing on the otherhand needs GPU rendering support and thats where AMD are starting to shine in with OpenCL!

    labi, moš amd arī der...
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    a kur tu biji izracis, ka PS nesuportē amd vai "pliku gpu" kā tādu? - grāmatvedības pakalpojumi

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    hvz, likās, ka nvidia cuda only.
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    Linus testēja, gan sarkanais gan zaļais strādā vienlīdz labi. Nvidijai ir cuda, bet Amd ir opencl
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    Nvidiai ir gan Cuda, gan OpenCL.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Edgar View Post
    Nvidiai ir gan Cuda, gan OpenCL.
    Tikai OpenCL uz Nvidia darbojas tā ka varētu arī nepieminēt.
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